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Zamel is a witness in Mr. Mueller’s investigation and is not suspected of any wrongdoing, according to Marc Mukasey, a lawyer for Mr. Zamel and his crowdsourced consulting firm, Wikistrat. But it does. Espinal said the bill is intended tocover those on salary as well as workers paid hourly. But it’s notmeant tosuggest employerscan’t send …

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This isn’t the largest toy in my collection but pretty close. I had a little problem getting the batteries in. I saw a small screw and well unscrewed it thinking that’s where the batteries when. That may take quite a while though I seemed to have hit puberty at the same time as most my …

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These buckles do not have locks. However, they do stay on tight when in use. Once shaped as a cuff and buckled in place the inside of the cuffs has a softer padding, which I wish had a little more cushion. Castillo is one of six women who told The Times they also faced unwanted …

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